A Dandy Man


“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”  — Rumi

Gardener, quilter, geek, canner, fanboy, nerd and cook are a few of the words that describe Chris J. He has a wide range of interests, making it hard to determine what he will be into next. He enjoys  domesticity greatly, and is always looking for ways to better experience the “home” life.

Cooking and sewing are two of his biggest passions (outside of his family and fur-babies), so these are likely to creep into the blog all year round. During the spring and summer, you’re likely to hear a lot about gardening, canning, and other outdoor pastimes. In the colder months, craftiness is his key to beating the winter blues, so Chris will have a greater focus on indoor activities like sewing, crafting and other domestic goodies.

Being a self-confessed Renaissance man, Chris is always looking for new things to learn, and ways to share that knowledge with others. If you’d like to email Chris, you can contact him at silentlittlek@gmail.com or by using the form below.


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